Lady Eagles Prepare for Season


Ryah Icenhower [12] plays 3rd base

Olivia Prince

It’s that time of year again. Spring sports have started back up, and the teams are beginning to prepare for their seasons. Softball in particular has been preparing to meet their goals this season and improve their players. The roster for the 2019 softball season includes Lydia Engel (9), Bradi Weaver (9), Erin Blevins (10), Johnna Duncan (10), Morgan Kern (10), Franky Slaven (10), Autumn Worth (10), Kaylan Worth (10), Anna Johnston (11), Halli Phifer (11), Maddie Walters (11), Leah Weaver (11), Ryah Icenhower (12), and Tristin Cross (12).

Head Coach, Tara Whetzell, said, “We are preparing a little differently than last year. We have been implementing a lot more individual and team challenges into practice. We are also working harder to prepare ourselves mentally and physically. Our mentality about the game and as a team overall has to become stronger in order for us to succeed as a team.”

With many returners this season, Whetzell believes that they will have a successful season. She stated, “Our goals for this season are not about wins and losses. Our goals stem from energy, mentality, positivity, and bringing a lot more grit to the field. If we can accomplish these goals, we will be a much stronger team.”

She says, with hard work, the girls will receive what they put into the program. She expects them to rise to the occasion, and put their all into the game.

Whetzell is particularly excited about her two seniors. “My two seniors are three year starters who I am excited to see accomplish big things!  Ryah Icenhower is an amazing leader who I expect to do exactly that. She will lead on and off the field with her wisdom, positive energy, and work ethic. Tristin Cross is a three year starter for me who I see developing into a better player as the season progresses. She will be stepping into the pitching circle this season, which will be a change of pace for her.  I expect to see great things from her in the sense of grit and mentality,” said Whetzell.

There are also three junior returners that Whetzell believes will contribute a lot to the program. Whetzell stated, “Leah Weaver is a junior and a three year starter.  She will also bring leadership to the team and hard work. Her ‘mom’ role of maturity and love will come in handy for our young girls. Halli Phifer and Anna Johnston, both juniors who have come along way since they started!  Phifer will bring a maturity level to the outfield and Johnston will bring a lot of energy and spunk behind the plate!”

Coach Whetzell knows that if the girls keep striving for the goals they are trying to reach, they will personally improve as players and have a great season!