Madhatter’s Tea Party #3


Erin Blevins

I’m back with more adventures from the world of tea. I told myself I wouldn’t go to another tea shop and get another bubble tea, but I broke and got one anyways. I went to my favorite tea place, which was the first shop I ever went to. This place started my tea addiction. Behold: SocieTea. 

SocieTea is a Japanese tea shop on Sunshine St., and are open daily from 11am to 7pm. It offers lots of different drinks, with regular cold and warm teas that you can add and personalize with different flavors and sweetness levels. The shop offers different Japanese based desserts, including a mocha cake, but the main thing that I buy is their milk teas. 

My regular drink is a mocha milk tea, which is normally sweet with black boba pearls, and a more earthy flavor. It is a cold drink, and I quickly learned that you don’t mix the separated liquids in your drink unless they suggest it, because normally they aren’t supposed to mix. This time I got an Oreo milk tea with crystal boba and 125% sweetness. The cool thing about SocieTea is that they let you choose your sweetness level and you just learn what you like the more you go. I also really enjoy their normal teas, like the black tea with any added fruit or flavor. 

The shop itself is very clean, neat, with wifi and lots of seating. It’s a really nice place to go in and sit down with company. I see people regularly sitting and doing work or just chatting with a group of acquaintances, and the owners and workers are all super sweet. This is absolutely, in my opinion, the best tea shop so far.