Industry Plant- Iann Dior


Writer, Ashlyn Tiller

Ashlyn Tiller

So I first discovered Iann Dior on SoundCloud, so I wasn’t expecting much. The first songs I listened to were Gone Girl and 18. It then progressed to songs on his first album, Nothings Ever Good Enough, like Emotions and Crash My Whip. Nothings Ever Good Enough is Iann’s debut album, he posted a few singles on SoundCloud, which released May 22nd, 2019. Around five months later, on November 8th, he released his second album, which is a pretty quick turn around, especially for a new artist.

His second album, Industry Plant, is a total contrast to Nothing Is Ever Good Enough. Industry Plant starts out with some upbeat songs, but slowly gets more depressing as you listen, which is a contrast to Nothing Is Ever Good Enough. NIEGE has an overall depressing theme. 

The opening song, Darkside, is a catchy and upbeat sounding song. It also has Travis Barker on the song. The second song, Problems, is like the majority of the album that is lyrically kind of depressing. Gone Girl is probably the most hyped song on the album. It features the rapper, Trippie Redd.

Skipping over a few songs, this is where the album starts to feel a little more gloomy. Flowers is probably one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s short and simple, but does an adequate job in making you feel depressed, with him talking about his lost love. The next song, Strings, is more of a classic rap type, with him talking about his team, being on the road, and other rap music stereotypes that aren’t rated PG, but still hits the sad rap category pretty hard. It also has a feature, Gunna. The songs Lately seems ever so slightly more upbeat, and it only picks up from here, in the music and the lyrics. The lyrics here talk about his love for a girl and his wishes to never be left, instead of how the girl has done him dirty. 

Urself is definitely more upbeat in the music, but the lyrics go down a little. The music and the featured artist, POORSTACY, lowkey give off pop punk vibes. And when it cuts to Iann, it’s like a new sub genre, pop punk rap. They both talk about how the girl is selfish and isn’t there when they need her. 

Speaking of pop punk, In Too Deep is definitely a play on Sum 41’s original hit, also titled In Too Deep. It has a more chill version of the music, and of course copies the lyrical aspect of “in too deep.” It even keeps a similarity in the meaning. Sum 41 singer talked about a problematic relationship, which Iann does too, but in a more modern, and depending on how you look at it, explicit way. 

Searching has a featured artist, Phem. The song talks about how he doesn’t want the girl anymore, but his heart is still hers. Which I think is relatable to a lot of teens. Needed stands out of me because it doesn’t sound like a rap song at all. It has a cute little guitar sound with drums occasionally kicking in. The lyrics are softer but still real and critical, which Iann seems be me singing more than anything else. Never Is Enough seems very similar to Problems. The lyrics also feel very real, it talks about abusing various substance to suppress things. This is another one of my favorites. The music in Feel It Coming and Stay For A While also seems too cute to be behind a rap song, but Stay For A While is a full blown acoustic song. The lyrics flip from hating the girl and pinning her as the bad guy, to confessing the need for her asking her to stay. The song overall gives me Post Malone’s Feeling Whitney vibes. 

Iann Dior’s first album is more of a rap album and is what made him an artist. Industry Plant definitely has the rap element, but I think the album as a whole really classifies him as a singer. Overall I really love this album. I think it has so much variety, which just shows Iann’s talent.