Virtual Snow Days: Keeping A Consistent Schedule

December 22, 2020

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During the winter months, most students of any grade are always anticipating the phone call or email from the school that they will not be in session the following day. 

Snow days are a surprise day off from school that kids utilize to catch-up on sleep, have an extra lazy day, or to be cliché, play out in the snow. Today, with the recent advancement in technology and the ability for schools to provide chromebooks to each of their students to take home, the idea of virtual snow days has begun to arise. Is it a good or bad thing?

Understandably, students would most likely be irritated by the fact that what was once a given day off to them is now taken away by students still having to log on and sign in to virtual classes. I believe that virtual snow days could be a good thing, as it could be super beneficial to the school. 

Schools have to plan their school year way beforehand, having to schedule all school events and class periods. Teachers then have to plan their lessons out around that schedule. Snow days I believe are a big interruption to a school schedule. While yes, it may be beneficial to the students to have a surprise day off, the teachers then have to make sure that they are caught up with their lessons to make sure they don’t fall behind before standardized testing. It can be especially difficult if there are back-to-back snow days because then it’s just more pressure on teachers to get caught up. When there’s any sort of snow day, it’s usually followed by a snow make-up day in which teachers and schools utilize the specific day to make sure they are caught up in their lectures and assignments. These days usually fall on federal holidays that schools take off such as Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Columbus Day, small holidays that students don’t realize they appreciate until it comes time for a snow make-up day. 

The idea of virtual snow days is, in my opinion, not a bad one. While a student such as myself would still like to enjoy my given freetime on snowdays, I can also support the idea of going virtual. Attending online classes during a snow day can help keep the consistency of the school schedule going. While some in-school events might get cancelled during a snow day, the academics are the top priority. Teachers will not have to fall behind on their schedule and less planning will have to be done to make up the snow day. Students who also attend the normal five day school weeks will also be able to keep their holidays that provide three day weekends.

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