Springfield Renews the Mask Ordinance

November 3, 2020


Hailey Hulette (11)

On Monday October 5th, 2020 the Springfield City Council decided to extend the mandatory mask ordinance until January 9th, 2021, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In the past couple of months the new normal has become wearing masks when in public, crowded places. Schools and businesses across Missouri, as well as the United States, have been wearing their masks in hope that things will soon return to how they used to be. Hailey Hulette, a junior at Fair Grove High School said, “I really hope it does help stop the spread. I know Springfield will be wearing masks at least until January and I hope it goes away soon.”

Previously, Springfield had a mask ordinance which stated that all people in the public, above the age of 11 years old, were required to wear a mask. Recently the ordinance was renewed and has been extended until January ninth of 2021. There are exemptions for people who have health conditions that would prevent them from wearing a mask. Individuals who are hearing impaired and people communicating with the hearing impaired are also exempt from wearing a mask. 

Wearing masks has changed peoples lives ever so subtly yet drastically. “Wearing masks has definitely changed the way I’m currently living. Especially when leaving the house, you gotta make sure you have your phone, wallet, keys and…. oh yeah a mask,” stated Hulette. 

When people don’t wear masks in public they’re not only putting themselves at risk, but the others around them as well. That’s why The Springfield Health Department is fining businesses and members of the community if they don’t wear masks or encourage individuals to wear them while in a gathering place of more than 25 people. The fines can be up to $100 and are given to those who aren’t respectful of the ordinance put in place to help protect the community. “I’ve been out in public shopping several times and there will be people who walk in without masks and the store clerks basically have to fight people to wear it at least while in the store,” said Hulette.

If people continue to wear their masks, then there is a greater chance of this being over sooner. Cooper Roy, a Sophomore at Fair Grove High School stated, “I don’t like to wear a mask but I do think they have helped a little bit. The masks have been beneficial because we haven’t had many cases in the school. If people wear their mask it might help things get back to normal quicker.”

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