Your Vote Matters

November 4, 2020


Photo of Fair Grove United Methodist Church, where the Fair Grove polling booth is located.

As a citizen, voting can be one of the most powerful things you can do to help your country. Most think that their vote is pointless because it is just one vote, but that is not true. Some elections are won by just a few votes. The brink of winning the election for President Trump in 2016 was less than one percent in the swing states. “Your vote always matters,” said Rachel Cobb, PhD, chair and associate professor of government at Suffolk University. 

First off, is your right to vote. Many people in this country have had their right to vote taken away. A law called discriminatory voter ID has prevented millions of people in the US from voting. Soldiers of the US have died protecting this right, so you should exercise it. 

Photo of a Fair Grove student’s political mask.
(This photo was taken on Election Day.)

Most individuals in the US think that all the important decisions that are made take place at an executive and legislative level. However true, the people who are elected by your vote pass and deny laws that affect citizens’ day to day life. Ron Kipling Williams, a lecturer at the University of Baltimore said, “If you are concerned about good schools, crime prevention, clean air and water and decent public transportation, you must vote for those who you believe will represent your interests. That means you need to participate in elections for your city councilperson, mayor, state senator, state delegate and governor.” 

Change will never happen unless the people vote. If you are displeased with the way this country is going and you give up by being absent during most elections, it is your own fault that the country is going the opposite way you want it to. How can things get better if you do nothing? If you want change you need to take action. 

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