NFL Game of the Week: Raiders vs. Falcons

December 15, 2020


This week’s game of the week was between the Raiders and the Falcons, and lets just say that it wasn’t a pretty one for the Raiders. The Raiders just came off a loss against the Chiefs (a team they previously beat).

The game started off pretty slow for the both teams; both defenses came up big, but the Falcons managed to get into field goal territory twice to go on top (6-0 Falcons). The Raiders then went three and out to give the Falcons the ball back again. The Falcons completed a couple first downs before Matt Ryan gave up an unlucky interception. This honestly looked like it could be a potential turning point for the Raiders as they had all the momentum going their way with a couple long passes as well. As the Raiders got into 1st and goal territory, they couldn’t seem to make the connections they needed in the endzone, so they had to settle with a field goal (6-3 Falcons). The Falcons got the ball back and made their way down the field, where the Raiders stopped them and made them kick a field goal. Koo unfortunately missed the field goal, but after the kick there was a penalty against the Raiders making it first down for the Falcons. The Falcons then decided to go for it on 4th and 3, and quarterback Matt Ryan found wide receiver Calvin Ridley (13-3 Falcons). With two minutes on the clock, Derrick Car seemed to be making the connections that he needed with Darren Waller. They went down the field and, with a little over a minute left, a Falcons lineman hit Car on his right shoulder, making him fumble the ball. The Falcons trotted down the field using their two timeouts for time to pause when needed, they finished off the drive with another field goal putting the Falcons up 16-3 before the half. 

The Falcons got the ball back and had to give the Raiders a punt, then ran a couple plays before a pic-6 to extend their score (23-3 Falcons). The Raiders then got the ball back down 20 and they started making connections, but when it came down to the goal line they couldn’t put the ball in the endzone. The Raiders had to settle with a field goal (23-6 Falcons).  The Falcons still had 17 points of cushion, and they pushed the ball down the field. Making connections to Russell Gage and Calvin Ridley, they soon found Brandon Powell in the endzone to then extend their lead by 24 (6-30). The Raiders then got the ball back and very quickly Josh Jacobs had a nice 11+ yard run to then fumble the ball. The Falcons then settled with a field goal (6-33 Falcons). The Raiders got possession back and Derrick Carr then fumbled the ball, creating the Raider’s fifth turnover. With a couple of 10+ yard runs, Ito Smith found his way into the endzone for the Falcons on an 11 yard run to get the Falcons to 40 (6-40 Falcons). After another 3 and out, the Falcons regained the possession that they didn’t need. After getting tackled on the 36 yard line, the Falcons drilled another field goal (43-6 Falcons). With a couple of Falcons sacks that then sealed the game with a surprising 43-6 Falcons win!


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