Lyon Takes First Place

February 3, 2021


Andrew Shurtz

Paris Saint Germain was the first place team in France League one. They are now placed second because they have extra losses while Lyon has ties instead of losses; both teams currently have eleven wins with PSG’s record being 11-3-4 and Lyons team being 11-6-1.

PSG and Lyon have both been pretty evenly matched out of the last three games. PSG has won both of the first two games, while Lyon has won their most recent game one to zero. During that game, PSG player, Neymar, was stretchered off the field. Neymar had an ankle sprain and he thinks he will be out for weeks, but not months.

PSG could possibly be losing star player Kylian Mbappe at the end of the season, so they will have a lot of money to spend on other players to come play for the club. One of the players that they have been looking for is Argentinian six times ballon d’or winner, Lionel Messi. If Kylian Mbappe does decide to leave, then PSG will have a lot of money to spare to buy a new player because of how much he gets paid each year. He currently makes 17.5 million euros, while Messi makes 26 million in GBP.  The next season leads to many new possibilities and even greater achievements than past seasons.

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