Fair Grove Girls’ Basketball

February 3, 2021


FGHS girls playing Blue Eye

This year, the Fair Grove Girls Basketball team has faced many challenges this season, and will continue to grow as a team with a large number of underclassmen as the main players. 

This mid-season the girls have fought to keep going. They have won nine games this year and they were all big wins for the team. These were teams that they did not beat in the past year. One of the two seniors Lauren Kennard commented, “I think our biggest wins have been Hartville, Forsyth, and Clever. They gave us a chance to see that we are capable of beating good teams that we didn’t beat last year, giving us some confidence.”

The team also faces the fact that they only have two seniors and a lot of underclassmen. The varsity team has sophomores and freshmen playing in the games. These girls have more pressure on them to step up and be a leader in the team and work hard in every part of the game. Lauren added,I feel like the younger girls will definitely be able to take over the program. We already have a lot of underclassmen stepping up and filling varsity roles. There are also a few 8th grade girls that will make a difference next year.”

The coaches and leaders are pushing the team to be closer and work harder. The varsity coach Jennifer Talbertsaid, “We are continuing to work on keeping our turnovers low. Another thing we are focusing on is rebounding and out rebounding our opponents. We try to motivate them and help them improve their skills.” 

Bonding off the court is the main reason the girls believe that the team has grown so much. “I think one of my favorite memories from this year was being able to start a team Bible study. I feel like it has really helped the team to grow closer and make the season about more than just basketball,” added Lauren.

This year has been successful under the circumstances for the whole season. Overall, the season will keep improving for the team while they continue to get closer and become more comfortable with their own skills. 

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