Dirt Track Racing: Devils Bowl Speedway

February 3, 2021


Dalton Roberts driving in a local race.

Devil’s Bowl Speedway is a track with many special events. Every year there is one special event that attracts many people to dirt track racing. 

This special race is called an enduro race, where they are only allowed to race a particular type of car with a wing. It is a two day race. On Friday night it is a 300 lap race and the winner gets $10,000 and then on Saturday night it is another 300 laps with the same car and the winner gets $10,000.  

Each driver is required to bring a score keeper to keep track of their laps each night. The track also has scorekeepers, so your scorekeeper and their scorekeeper compare records at the end of the race to help to determine the winner each night.

During each night there are no cautions, the race only stops for cars when they are blocking the majority of the track, if a car is on fire, flips, there is a major accident or if there is a safety concern. Pitt stops are allowed and you are also allowed to change drivers.

This specific race attracts people from states all around the U.S. and is a very popular race in our area that people talk about and prepare for all year.  The cars take a lot of time to get ready and requires a lot of test runs before heading out to Texas for this huge race. 

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