PSG Drops To Third Place

February 3, 2021


Andrew Shurtz

Paris Saint-German Football Club (PSG) is now in third place in the France Ligue One while Lille has moved up to first place, moving Lyon to second place. Lille is only two points ahead of Lyon and three points ahead of PSG. Lille’s record is 14-6-2 while PSG’s record is 14-3-5. Lille is currently only ahead right now because of the draws they have while PSG has more losses. PSG has won three out of their last five games, tying one and losing one.


Neymar, after being injured for about one month due to an ankle sprain, had started going back to practices starting on Monday, January 11th. He then played his first game back from his injury on January 13th against Marseille where they had won the game two to one. Mauro Icardi and Neymar had both scored one goal. Icardi’s goal was in the 35th minute while Neymar’s goal was a penalty kick in the 85th minute to put them up two to zero. 


Marseille had scored their one and only goal in the 89th minute. Coming off of Neymar’s injury, he scored four goals in his last four games with three of them being penalties. PSG’s most recent game was lost three to two with both goals being scored by Neymar, a penalty in the forty fifth and fifty eighth minute of the game.


Kylian Mbappe, a forward for PSG, has been rumored to possibly go to Real Madrid over the summer this year. PSG had bought Kylian Mbappe for one hundred and eighty million euros, making him the second most expensive player and the most expensive teenage player ever. Mbappe has scored 14 goals in the last 18 games making him one of the top scorers in the league right now. Mbappe was also the top scorer in France Ligue One last season with eighteen goals.

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