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February 4, 2021


Photo of Fair Grove FFA Officers, provided by Matt Crutcher

Over the past couple of years, FFA has performed in competitions, and this year they hope to perform not only well, but at all. 

FFA Chapter President, and Area X Vice President Bailey Richardson (12) stated, “FFA is an organization where all members are encouraged to grow and learn leadership skills. The organization is based on agriculture and growing youth across the country.” 

“As a chapter, we participate in the Spring CDE Contest, which includes Dairy Cattle, Livestock, and Meats evaluation contest. We always send public speakers for the Spring LDE speaking contest. During the spring we also send in our State Degrees and our Proficiencies. All members are encouraged to fill out their proficiencies, regarding their SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience). I personally compete in the public speaking contest, and the Meats evaluation team,” Bailey added.

Chapter Vice President Lucas Crutcher (11) explained, “FFA is an organization where we get to meet new people and learn not only about agriculture, but we learn many skills that will help us later in life.”

Bailey explains what she knows so far about competitions. “I am hopeful that we are going to compete, we are practicing and preparing contest teams in Dairy Judging, Livestock, and Meats,” she stated, “We are unsure what events we will be able to have on a wider base than just our chapter… We are going to have our state contest, but it will be separated into 3 different weekends. We are unsure about other contests throughout the area.” 

Events with the school are very popular for members and elementary students, Bailey explained,

“..We are still planning on having our FFA Week, where members participate in activities daily…” 

The underclassmen also seem to be showing some skill and improvement. Lucas stated, “Some people that I see excelling are Braden Booth and Taylor Rode. They both did well in the online speech contests as well as Taylor is constantly improving her skills in livestock judging.” Bailey went on to talk about the specific topics, and added, “I  believe that our Livestock, Dairy, and Meats teams will do well this year. We have been practicing since early 2020. I am hopeful that we will all get to compete and have an opportunity to showcase all of the hard work that we have put into these teams.”

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