Class Feature: Learning About Child Development

March 5, 2021


Darci Friberg teaching her Child Development class.

Child Development is one of the many classes at Fair Grove High School that students can choose to take during their school year to learn about parenting, child growth, and prenatal care.

Darci Friberg, the Child Development teacher, says that its one of her favorite classes to teach. She explained, “I enjoy teaching this class because it is applicable to everyone’s life, boys’ and girls’. Not everyone will become a parent, but we were all children at one time.” She went on to say, “Understanding how children grow and develop, in a way, helps adolescents to discover more about who they are.”

Child Development isn’t the typical class high school students are used to. Friberg discussed, “Each day in this class is a little different. There is a good mix of lecture, videos, and hands-on activities to engage students.” Those topics revolve around how children grow and develop, focusing on prenatal through preschool. Friberg also said, “We analyze positive parenting skills, and we spend some time exploring prenatal development and aspects of a healthy pregnancy.”

Macee McAtee (11) is a student taking Child Development. “I love the class because I learned so many things not only about having children, but raising them,” McAtee shared. “Teaching them ultimately how to be independent. It’s a very practical class, full of things you will one day experience and never even thought about.”

Friberg discussed, “This is a great class for EVERYONE, including the future parent. We require teenagers to take a driver’s test before we give them a license, but there is no requirement to become a parent.” Friberg concluded, “This class is great for students with younger siblings or relatives or students looking at a career working with children (babysitter, teacher, nurse, or physician).”

There are no requirements for joining the class; it is available to all high school students.

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Class Feature: Learning About Child Development