Training the Teachers of Tomorrow

March 10, 2021


Nikki Kisling leading an FTA meeting in the Fair Grove gym.

The Fair Grove High School has many clubs that are preparing students to be the next generation of careers, one of which is the Future Teachers of America (FTA).  

Future Teachers of America is for students who are interested in teaching in the future but also for anyone who supports teachers, counselors, secretaries, etc. Abigail Gilmartian (11) stated, “I originally joined FTA because I have always wanted to be a teacher. I liked the idea of learning more about what it takes to be a teacher.”

FTA was created by Randa Shaw, a previous school counselor. Now Nikki Kissling, an FTA co-sponsor, has been in leadership of the club for the past eight years. Her other co-sponsor is Susann Feldman.

Mrs. Kisling has stated, “My goals for FTA are for students to support our teachers here at Fair Grove, learn if education is the career for them, and have fun while being in community with their peers.”

This year the club has three members, in the three, Abigail Gilmartin (11) is the Club President.  Sarah Beals (12) and Gracin Wood (12), the other two members, are both participating in cadet teaching this year. 

FTA is open to all grades, however, there are a few things that only juniors and seniors can participate in such as cadet teaching. Gracin Wood stated, “My favorite thing about FTA is the adet teaching that is offered to seniors of FTA. I am able to go student teach as a senior and it is a great experience!”

 FTA meets once a month during the 8th hour.  It is usually the second Tuesday of the month, and their next meeting is Tuesday, March 9th in the gym. 

“FTA is a club that taught me how to appreciate the work that teachers do for us and the work they put in. I’ve been able to understand how hard they work in order to watch us succeed,” stated  Gracin Wood.

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