Pasta La Vista

March 8, 2021


Samantha Horvath

Everyone loves pasta, but some people are unable to enjoy its deliciousness due to being vegan. I wouldn’t be a good pasta reviewer if I didn’t discuss the topic of vegan options. So without further ado, this week’s writing is going to be about different types and variations of vegan pasta.

My favorite way to prepare a pasta dish is to use a lot of cheese, however regular cheese is unavailable for use when making vegan foods. A popular way to make a vegan alfredo sauce is using raw cashews and coconut milk. Not only does this make a very creamy and light cheese sauce, but it is also much healthier than the classic alfredo. When tasting vegan alfredo, I was kinda blown away at first. It tasted nothing like normal alfredo, but it wasn’t bad at all. It was honestly a sauce of its own. There’s other sauces you can use for a delicious vegan pasta treat.

Another common, yet tasty, sauce is marinara. It’s a very simple recipe and once you make it homemade, you will never buy jarred or canned sauce ever again. All it takes is a little bit of oil, tomatoes, and some good seasonings. Easy, yummy, and vegan. I’m sure you’ve already had marinara sauce, whether it was with mozzarella sticks or as a topping, for your favorite pasta shape.

Another neat way to have vegan pasta is without normal noodles, but instead with shaped vegetables. A personal favorite of mine is to make zucchini noodles. You then top the zucchini with some simple garlic. I like to eat this whenever I want to have a light lunch or dinner because it’s not heavy at all, but fills you to a comfortable max. Whatever way you choose to enjoy pasta, don’t be an impasta about it.

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