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March 11, 2021


Mrs. Beller and Yearbook students, Gracin Wood and Brooklyn Luna

This year the Fair Grove Yearbook class has been hard at work trying to get the new edition of the yearbook ready for students and faculty at the school.

Stacy Beller teaches the Yearbook class. She helps the students stitch the pages together and dedicates hundreds of hours to help get the best product possible. Although at first glance the Yearbook class makes what they do look easy, it takes a lot of work to put the book together. Beller stated, “We take thousands of pictures each year. Then the production of the pages takes the entire school year. Hopefully we make it look simple, but it can take hundreds of hours if not a thousand to make a quality book.”

Brooklyn Luna (12) is a student in the class who has spent countless hours helping to prepare the yearbook. “There are lots of things going on throughout the year so going to all the events and games to get pictures takes a lot of work. The next season will start quicker than you expect then we will start to get behind,” stated Luna. Luna went on to say that the individuals in the class get to make their own deadlines which can make things stressful. Students have to get certain pages done before different seasons start so they don’t get behind.

Although the events that are being captured and put into the yearbook seem to be student oriented, the community plays a role in helping to develop the atmosphere that makes the images in the yearbook. “We make sure we get good pictures of the events that have happened. It also helps that we have a great community to show up to our events to make the pictures that we take come out good,” said Gracin Wood (12), a student in the Yearbook class.

There are many aspects of the yearbook class that the teacher and the students find enjoyable. Wood explained, “My favorite part of yearbook is going to take the pictures that everyone sees. It is fun being able to compare our pictures to each other and seeing all the funny faces we do get, especially during sports seasons.” Wood went on to say that it’s not necessarily hard work, just a lot of little things that add up.

With the year coming to a close, the yearbook is also coming to an end. If you are interested in ordering a yearbook, during second semester they will be $45 and after school gets out the price will increase to $50.

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