Work Hard, Play Hard

April 9, 2021


The softball team practicing after school.

The Fair Grove Softball team has been working hard to prepare for their upcoming 2021 season.

Although the girls season officially started on March first, many months of hard work were put in to prepare for it. Tara Whetzell, the softball head coach, stated, “During our off-season weeks, the softball team met every Sunday for a couple of hours and worked on softball mechanics and fundamentals, just preparing themselves so we can add to our fundamentals come official season time.”

With last year’s spring seasons being canceled, this year’s softball girls are eager to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. Taylor Rode (10) explained, “This year I am very excited about the overall team culture we have created. I am also excited to finally get back out on the field and play after the extended break we got thanks to COVID.”

COVID-19 restricted a lot of teams from moving forward with their programs last year and made even more challenges for teams to face this year. Whetzell stated, “We are trying to be as normal as possible and having as much fun as we can! Losing last season was hard on us all, but we have picked up the pieces and are moving.” Whetzell continued to say that they have only had one player that had a modified quarantine.

As the girls season progresses, the team has high expectations for what the future holds. “I expect us to compete with every team this season. I believe this is the hardest schedule we have had in my five years as head coach, and I’m ready to see how the girls will respond to the competition,” explained Whetzell. 

The softball team’s season has just began and they have a long road ahead of them. The girls set goals everyday in hopes that they will achieve them. Rode stated, “I would like us to continue to grow as a team and do it all together, whether it be win or lose. While I know we all have different goals in mind, I know this is one that all of us value.”

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