Pasta La Vista: Chili Mac

April 9, 2021


Samantha Horvath

Have you ever sat down at a nice burger restaurant only to look at the menu and see some strange concoction called a ¨chili mac¨? No? Well I not only have eaten at that burger place, but I was also a waitress there.

 That burger place is called Steak N´ Shake. Now don´t get me wrong, I love the atmosphere there, and the quality of food is excellent due to the fact that they cook everything completely fresh. However, who in their right mind would think that putting chili on top of spaghetti is a valid meal? What grosses me out even more than just looking at it, is the fact that it’s a popular menu item to order. There is various items on the menu that taste incredibly more delightful than a four dollar, soggy, unseasoned, ¨chili mac.¨ 

Now that I´ve told you about what not to order there (you disappoint me if you order the chili mac), let me break down and suggest much better and affordable options. Since it is a burger place anyone, in their right mind would order the classic double cheeseburger with whatever topping your heart desires. However, if you´re aiming for more of the spicy side of the menu, a great choice, and my personal favorite, would be the Cajun burger. The burger is made up of two pressed beef patties surrounding a slice of fresh pepper jack cheese. Atop this is an exclusive spicy cajun sauce that melts in your mouth. To complete the burger is the fresh toasted bakery bun and a dash of cajun powder on top. 

When dining in at Steak N´ Shake, I highly recommend looking at their specialty burger side and completely avoiding anything that says ¨mac¨ or ¨5-way¨ unless you want sloppy seconds for dinner. Whatever you decide to order, always remember, don´t be an impasta.

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