Why Do Students Buy Class Rings?

April 21, 2021

Lots of people who go through high school have decided to buy their own class ring. They are not something you are necessarily required to buy, but something you would get to remember all of your years throughout high school and all of the good memories you’ve made.

With Fair Grove High School class rings just now being delivered, many of the 2023 class recently got their rings. John Yount, who is a baseball and basketball player in the sophomore class, recently received his class ring. Yount has a few reasons why he got the ring. He said, “Getting a class ring is once in a lifetime opportunity to get, and you only go through high school once, so why not take the opportunity to get something to remember all the fun you had through the years.”

Rayann Hupman, who is in STUCO and a soccer player, said “I got my class ring because my mother made me.” She explained how she wanted one and is glad to have it, but it was not a priority for her in life.

Conner Trussell, who is also in the sophomore class, explains why he got his. He said he wanted a memento to remember his high school days: all of the dumb stuff he’s done with his friends throughout the years. 

Most of the 2023 class got their rings for more or the same reason: to remember their high school memories. Too all these students who bought them, they hold an extremely strong sentimental value to the owner.

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