Best ATV’s for Off-Roading

April 21, 2021


Josh Hancock

ATV’s went from being a clunky piece of equipment that only farmers would use, to having evolved into something a lot better. 

ATV’s now have multiple uses. They can be used for farming, off-roading, or even racing. There are little limits to what you can do with them now. Overall, the most fun thing you can do with an ATV is off-roading. 

Off-roading is where you ride except not on a track. There are lots of vehicles you can off-road in but the ATV is my favorite. 

There are lots of different types of ATV’s you can off-road in but the ones listed below are the best.

The Yamaha Raptor 700R SE is a standout for the off-roading class. This four wheeler is more for the crazier types of riders. If you don’t like power, then this ATV is not for you. It has a fairly loud engine because of the 10:0:1 compression ratio. They have improved the gas mileage compared to the older miles so you do not have to worry about running out of gas on those long drives. The rear shocks have a total of 262mm in length. This improves comfort while riding. The pro to this is it’s amazing handling. The con is there is almost too much power in the ATV. 

Next up there is the one and only Honda FourTrax Rincon. There really is not much to this four wheeler. It is pretty much a basic four wheeler with a little bit of a twist. The twist to this thing is not that it goes super fast or has amazing handing, but it’s that this thing can literally go anywhere you want it to. This is an amazing choice if you are off-roading to just cruise around and have fun but not trying to go crazy. It has a liquid cooled 675cc engine in it. A catalytic converter and O2 sensor. This keeps the emissions down so you can get a cleaner running gas and a lot better gas mileage. 

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