Middle School Softball

May 4, 2021


Emaley Stallings, an 8th grade student, during a softball practice.

The Fair Grove Middle School Girls Softball team has done well over the past couple of years, and look to be continuing that throughout their 2021 season. 

The girls overall have a record of 7-3. For their A team they are 2-3, and 5-0 for the B games. Last season, over the summer, the girls went 8-0 and two years ago (Samatha Orr’s first season) they went 9-2.

Head coach and middle school math teacher, Samantha Orr, explained, “We have a lot of talented girls on this team. They are a really fun group to coach and spend time with.” She elaborated about the teams strong points which included, “…Strong hitters, good communication and great team chemistry.” With that being said, there are also weaknesses that every team has,  of which Coach Orr stated, “…Learning to fight back when playing good teams and staying positive through the hard times. We are working on improving our mental part of the games/sports in general.”

With good chemistry, comes good leadership, and Coach Orr believes that. “Brooke Daniels is a natural leader on the team. Other great leaders are Brenna Boatwright, Addyson Nunley and Ashton Bell,” Coach Orr stated.

Coach Orr went on and explained the benefits that middle school softball has on the girls, leading into the high school season. “We are fortunate enough to be able to have a middle school program so that when the girls get to high school, they have experience playing the sport and being on the school team. Some of the girls play on traveling teams throughout the year which is great, but not everyone has that opportunity to do so,” Orr stated.

Brooke Daniels discussed what game she’s looking forward to as well as what she’s looking forward to, heading into the high school softball season. “I’m really looking forward to our Marion C Early Tournament in Morrisville. Another game I’m super excited for is our Pierce City game at home on the 29th,” Brooke stated.

Brooke finished with, “I am most excited for all of the team bonding activities and the chance to be coached by Coach Whetzell. I also think that our group will have a great group of upperclassmen, so that will make the experience even better.”

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