2007 Hairspray Film

April 28, 2021


Dory Baker

While the original Hairspray film was released in 1988, written and directed by John Walters, I will be reviewing the 2007 adaptation directed by Adam Shankman. 

The film takes place in the early 60’s in Baltimore. It follows the story of a teenage girl named Tracy Turnblad who is obsessed with a local dance show called The Corny Collins Show. She auditions to be on and inevitably makes it. She is greeted with a lot of hate because of her weight. The story also deals with a lot of equality issues and segregation in the 60’s. 

I am a sucker for movies whose main character doesn’t fit Hollywood beauty standards. The message overall in the film is equality regardless of skin color or size. Tracy becomes famous despite the backlash from her fellow crew mates. She even has a romance with the character who is supposed to be the super popular hot guy (played by Zac Effron). 

Her mother is played by John Travolta; it’s a weird choice. Regardless, her mom is also overweight and hasn’t left the house in years because she is so ashamed. Tracey convinces her to go out on the town with her and they try on dresses. It’s such a cute scene. 

This is a tiny detail but Amanda Bynes plays her best friend and I absolutely love Amanda Bynes so that definitely makes me a little biased towards this musical. Her 2000s period is unmatched. I love it all. 

I say this every editorial but I really do love the music in this one too. They are all so upbeat and lively. The dancing is also a fun element. Everything is huge and dramatic and 60’s themed which is arguably the best dance period. It is a lot of fun to watch.

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