Farewell To Tammy Lucas

May 11, 2021


Photo taken of lockers in the elementary hallway.

Tammy Lucas is a kindergarten teacher at Fair Grove that will be retiring at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

Lucas has been teaching for 30 years and all of those years have been at Fair Grove; she even graduated from Fair Grove. However, after all this time it still wasn’t an easy decision to retire. “I thought it would be easy to say goodbye to setting alarms, waiting for a snow day call, and PD days, but it was not an easy decision when the day came for me to decide to retire. The act of saying farewell to the halls of Fair Grove, the administration, peers and KIDS are what I will miss the very most,” explained Lucas.

With 30 years in the same place, you’re bound to make some good memories. Lucas stated, “A good memory is just all the support from the kids and parents through the years and the love they have shown. I also love the comments from the kids, most are unforgettable.” Lucas went on to say that she also loves the hometown feeling Fair Grove offers and the community support.

Just as students have touched the heart of Lucas, Lucas has reached the lives of many students. Devin Carroll (11) is a student that believes that Lucas has left behind a legacy for Fair Grove to remember. “Mrs. Lucas will leave behind a legacy of always making people feel welcome no matter who they are. She always makes everyone feel loved and like they are valued by her,” explained Carroll. Carroll went on to say that Mrs. Lucas was there for him when he was upset and that he has many memories from her class.

As the days are slowly closing in and the year is coming to an end, there are many memories for Lucas to take with her. Lucas stated, “One important thing Fair Grove has given me are the children they share with me each year!!! Through the years I have received many things, from sweet gifts to just a smile or a note of thanking me for something I have done. They are all so special.”

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