The Next Generation of Band

May 24, 2021


Fair Grove Marching Band’s Drum Major Easton Belts conducting the band at the 9/4 game vs. Mountain View Liberty at home.

The Fair Grove High School band has said goodbye to their seniors and began the process of ushering in a new chain of command. Students will undertake learning new roles, as well as a new marching show.


In band, students have the opportunity to push themselves by stepping into a leadership role. Those interested in leadership are required to complete an application, gather teacher recommendation forms, and participate in an interview with the band director, Natalie Palomo.


Palomo has set a standard for students interested in leadership. Those who apply need to represent themselves as if they were representing the band at all times, as well as making sure to maintain good rehearsal behavior, skill, and growth within the band as a player. Maintaining a positive attitude during tough rehearsals is also important for those looking to be in leadership. When you apply for a leadership position you are responsible for not only yourself, but also those you are leading. You’re accepting the responsibility of learning your own music and drill in band, plus helping other members improve as needed.


As a leader, you are now an example to others and represent the band at a higher level. Palomo stated, “I expect my leaders to show off the best of the band, and be extremely skilled at music, marching, setting drill, and interacting with other members of the band.”


As the new leaders come in, so will a new show; helping band members learn the show is one of the responsibilities with which the leaders will be tasked.


Next year’s show will be baseball themed and is called “Grand Slam!”. Palomo went on to say, “We’ll include snippets of ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’, we’ll play some recognizable tunes in honor of some baseball Hall of Famers, and we’ll put together the soundscape you may hear at a real ballgame.”


In order to master the new show, the band will begin learning music after the Spring Concert. They will start reviewing marching techniques, how to play in a marching style, and getting ready for pep music in the stands. In the summer they will have band camp and with the start of school, rehearsals begin again.


“This will be our first year back on the competition circuit after taking the year off due to Covid, so I know I’m excited to get back out there and have that further drive to compete and improve.” Palomo continued, “I know the kids are ready to get back out there too, coming off a really successful last competition season 2 years ago, it was so hard to not perform as much this year.”


Next year’s leadership roles will be filled by 

Drum Majors: Zoey Hupman (11th), Alex Kepes (10th)

Flute Section Leader: Alivia Kimbriel (11th)

Clarinet Section Leader: Nicky Hamp (11th)

Alto Sax Section Leader: Calvin Zuch (11th)

Trumpet Section Leaders: Mackenzie Cavin (11th), Ricky Pierce (10th)

Low Wind Section Leader/Field Commander: Easton Beltz (11th)

Front Ensemble Section Leader: Alex Bates (11th)

Drum Captain: Brandon Kandlbinder (9th)

Guard Captain: Lydia Engel (11th)

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