Adventure is Out There! #5 : Local Thrifting

May 26, 2021


Emma Schlak with thrifted finds: outfit, blanket, shoes, cutting board, and mugs.

When getting new clothes for your wardrobe, most go and get things at name brand stores or other first hand retailers; however, there are some who take a different approach via thrifting or purchasing second hand. When you use things second hand, you create opportunities for you to find something that you might not have had in mind in the first palace. Thrift stores also give you the opportunity not only to get things, but also give things. This week we’re going to try to keep it local, interesting, and fun. Maybe in the process, we can make a difference to our community and even our world.


One of my favorite things to do with people is to go thrifting. It’s a great way to continue the loop of recycling and it is also something that you can do to exercise your creativity for less.


Over the years my family and I have donated all kinds of things to Goodwill, one of the many second hand stores in the Springfield area. We have donated items ranging from clothing to furniture. We have also found lots of random things like an old film camera, a set of rubber eggs, and even a dress form for sewing.


Second hand stores are normally the in between homes for all kinds of untold treasures, housing the things that some no longer have a purpose for. Springfield has multiple thrift shops and second hand stores, some more prominent than others. It has three Goodwills, three Red Racks, a Salvation Army, Plato’s Closet, Other Mothers, Once Upon a Child, and many more shops.


Thrift shoppes can hold all kinds of things; it all depends on the store. Goodwill, Red Racks and Salvation Army take pretty much anything, so you never know what you will find there. Plato’s closet is more geared towards teenagers and young adults. The majority of items offered are clothes and shoes, but they also offer accessories. Kids stores are great places to find items that are seasonal, holiday, sporting, or even just for the quick turnover of clothing for kids who are growing rapidly.


Shopping second hand isn’t just good for your wallet. It also isn’t only about the thrill of a good find. Second hand shopping is also a major force for the good of the environment. Second hand shopping lessens the load on manufacturers to produce new items for consumers, allowing less materials to be sent to landfills.


There is often a stigma surrounding second hand shopping – that items are simply old or unwanted. For some the thought of thrifting takes a more open mind than it does for others, but for those willing there is much to be found.


I hope that I interested you and possibly showed you something cool. Thrifting is something that anyone can do; it’s something that can be exciting and fun. You get a lot of creative freedom with things that are for less. So if you go thrifting, have fun and find what you like. Create an idea from the things left behind and remember, Adventure is Out There!

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