Class of 2025 Enters High School at Fair Grove

October 13, 2021


Brooke Daniels swinging during the Fair Grove vs Stockton volleyball game, photo taken by Lauren Thomlinson.

The class of 2025 at Fair Grove High School has offered a number of athletes and advanced students. The freshman are now completing their transition from middle school to experiencing the new way of life that is high school.

The freshman class offers a large amount of student athletes. Because of this, many freshman students participated in pep club in middle school. Even still, they were not accustomed to the amount of student involvement in athletics in the high school. Carson Krider (9) stated, “The sports atmosphere has changed a ton. In middle school you did things and a few people cheered. In high school, if you do anything people cheer and yell for you.”

Many freshmen are unprepared to become the “new kids” again. Brooke Daniels (9) stated, “High school has been different from middle school because you go from being the oldest to the youngest and it’s kinda hard to adjust to that.”

Many middle schools are student-based, meaning that schedules are made for them to cater to their own learning needs, whereas at Fair Grove High School students have the option to choose and schedule their own classes. This allows students to get involved and learn about the things they are interested in.

Carson Krider, freshman at Fair Grove High School, in the hallway.

By allowing students to choose their own classes, many of the freshmen find themselves in classes with upperclassmen. Krider shared, “I like high school more than middle school because I’m friends with people from every grade, not just my own.”

Many of the teachers in the high school use a more interactive approach in their teachings. Some students are not prepared for the change from being able to sit back in class and never have to answer questions to more involvement in the classroom.

Fair Grove offers students to take advanced classes starting in middle school. This allows students to take college level classes in their later years of high school. Brooke says that her classes have changed a lot from middle school due to her taking this opportunity to be in Geometry and Biology.

Students newly entering high school are generally accustomed to the grade specific classes in middle school. When they enter the high school, there is a possibility to have four different grade levels in one class. Krider said that there were a ton more people to get to know in high school.

With the class of 2025 going into their third month of high school, many of the students are still enthusiastic about their high school experience.

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