The Heart of Europe

October 28, 2021


Brandon Kandlbinder in front of a map of the world.

Switzerland… a mountainous region geographically placed in the heart of Europe. It all started on September 12, 1648, with the Treaty of Westphalia and Switzerland’s independence from the Holy Roman Empire.

Switzerland, covering 15,940 square miles and with a population of 8.637 million people, has gained the respect of most of the world. The country is ranked number four on the top loved countries in the world as of 2020. The Swiss people thrive in the small cottage homes spread all throughout the mountainous region. The economy in Switzerland stays stable with an unemployment rate of 4.94 percent. The Swiss Government is run through a Direct Democracy led by president Guy Parmelin. The government’s central city is Switzerland’s capital of Bern.

The rich culture of Switzerland takes place in the small cities and towns planted all throughout the country. The country’s largest city is Zürich with a square mileage of 33.93 and a population of 402,762. Being in the heart of Europe, Switzerland adapts to other countries’ cultures including languages, religion, sports and food.

The official language of Switzerland is Romansh. Other common languages found in Switzerland are German, Italian, and French. The country’s most practiced religion is Roman Catholic, followed by the Lutheran Church. Some of the citizens favorite foods are Cheese Fondue, Rösti, Bircher Müesli, Raclette, and Bündner Nusstorte.

What really gets the Swiss people fired up is the sports. Being a European country, soccer already takes part in everyday life for the Swiss. Also with Switzerland having a large mountain range, skiing is not only popular but important for transportation. Just like every country in the world, Switzerland has its own form of sports. Schwingen, dating back to the 13th century, is a Swiss wrestling game common to the natives. The rules are he who throws his opponent onto his back with both shoulder blades touching the ground would win. As you can imagine, this could get not only competitive, but violent.

Switzerland is a very protective and secure country. They have taken that to heart to open up Swiss Banking. Swiss banks are very protective bank accounts that are more commonly to house a large sum of money. The currency of Switzerland is called Swiss Franc. To the American dollar, every Swiss Franc is worth $1.09.

From the culture and people to the beautiful range of land and architecture, Switzerland truly is and will always be the heart of Europe.

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