Giving Back to Fair Grove Students with Giving Tuesday

November 22, 2021

Fair Grove Schools will be hosting an online fundraiser for the Care to Learn organization on November 30th to give back to the students of the Fair Grove community.

Care to Learn is an organization that was founded in 2008 by Springfield, Missouri native Doug Pitt. He started this organization because poverty rates in his hometown and surrounding areas had affected students and their ability to learn.

The absence of resources has affected the students emotional and sometimes physical health. Not showing up to school because of embarrassment for their inability to purchase basic hygiene products is one example of why these kids could be having trouble learning.

After Pitt shared stories about some students who were struggling because of their lack of personal care items, Care to learn was immediately supported and took off with popularity throughout the community.

Care to Learn supports students who are not always able to provide for their health, hunger, and hygiene needs. A fundraiser will be held to aid the students of Fair Grove that are dealing with these challenges.

Katie Fender, a middle school science teacher who is the Fair Grove Liaison to Care to Learn, stated, “Care to Learn makes sure that no student will suffer physically or emotionally due to lack of food, access to medical care, or hygiene issues.”

On November 30th, 2021, Fair Grove Schools will host Giving Tuesday for the second time ever.

This fundraiser is completely virtual and will be available through a link that will lead to a website for Care to Learn, “… where people can make a tax deductible donation,” Fender mentioned.

This fundraiser is different from others because of its “simplicity,” as described by Lisa Bernet, the Fair Grove Communications Director for District Office and previous Liaison of Fair Grove to Care to Learn.

Fender described it, “It’s not really different but it is utilizing a national platform to bring awareness and support to our Fair Grove Care to Learn Chapter. The thought behind Giving Tuesday is to give to people in need instead of buying more things for yourself.”

Fender expressed that this fundraiser can be used as a philanthropic outlet so that people who had a successful financial year can have a chance to share it with a student who needs it. This fundraiser is for anyone who wants to help provide for the needs of the Fair Grove students.

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