Adventure Is Out There! #6: Sno Boba Tea

December 1, 2021


Emma’s boba tea.

This summer, I saw a rise in the popularity of a Taiwan-style drink: Bubble Tea, or Boba. As the drink took over my social media platforms, I was intrigued; in my hopes to see what it was all about, I had begun to look at shops around Springfield. However, I never really got the chance to check them out, until one day when I went to the mall with some friends I learned that there was a little Taiwan-style shop hidden around the corner by the food court. Now, they have a new and semi-different location in the mall. Sno Bubble Tea is now in the main area of the food court.

Sno Bubble Tea does not only serve bubble tea, but also has Milk Teas, Korean Bingsu, Ice Cream, and Ramen. They have five types of milk tea, two different bubble teas, two flavors of Korean Bingsu, two flavors of Ramen, and two flavors of Ice Cream with lots of add ons. Sno Bubble Tea also gives you an option to create your own drink with five different tea options, five flavors, and five different types of boba. You can see more on the menu linked at the end of the article.

As a shop in the mall, they have to function during the hours of the mall. However, their specific hours are from 11 AM to 7 PM on Monday through Thursday, and 11 AM to 8 PM on Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday, they are open from 12 to 6 PM. Sno Bubble Tea has both an Instagram and Facebook page where you can see their drinks and any announcements that they might have. Both are also linked like the menu.

Bubble Tea has become something that I always get when at the mall. If you ever find yourself wandering through the mall with a taste for nothing in particular, maybe try something new. And please, always remember that an Adventure is something that you chose to do, not what others think it should be. With that being said, that’s all for this week’s adventures. Hope to see you next time and remember, Adventure is Out There!


Address: 2825 South Glenstone Avenue suite VC14, Springfield, MO 65804

Facebook: Sno Bubble Tea – Home | Facebook

Instagram: Snow Bubble Tea – Instagram

Phone: 417-210-5169


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