Cheerleaders Leading the Way for Elementary Students

January 14, 2022


High school cheerleaders assisting the performance of the elementary cheer camp performance at a boys basketball game on 1/14/22.

Fair Groves High School Cheerleaders will be hosting cheer camp for the Elementary starting on January 1th through the 13th after school. They will perform on January 14th.

The junior cheer camp will be taking place in the upper elementary gym with them having a performance to show what they’ve learned at the boys basketball game on the 14th. 

The Fair Grove High School Cheerleaders have been working to put on this year’s Elementary Basketball Cheer Camp. This event is held to help young elementary girls get into cheerleading and be able to continue that when they are older. This is not a simple task for the cheerleaders or the coaches.

According to cheerleader Hailey Hulette (12), “We are preparing by coming up with new routines for the kids to learn, also us seniors are in charge of coming up with a t-shirt design.”

She also stated, “Our coach works on getting that design made up onto t-shirts. She also prints out copies of papers to send out to parents to get their kid signed up for the camp.”

Junior cheer camps have been going on for quite some time; it’s not the only camp they have each year, there is also a football cheer camp. The goal of the camps is to get more young girls involved in cheer and help the school’s future cheer program.

These event has many benefits. “The most exciting part about cheer camp for me is getting to see a bunch of young girls who aspire to be cheerleaders when they grow up. I love getting to see them involved in something with their friends, and having so much fun while doing so,” commented cheer coach Makenzie Medley.

“I personally loved doing these camps growing up. It not only grew my passion with cheer but also I was always able to make friends doing it too! I think it benefits the younger girls the same way it benefited me,” Hulette mentioned.  

“Seeing them play games and hearing all the giggles is so worth it. And then my favorite part is watching the performance and seeing how hard they have worked all week, and watching how proud they are of their performance,” Medley also exclaimed.

The high school cheerleaders have been quite involved in getting this camp put together.

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