Dance the Night Away at Courtwarming

January 14, 2022


Brooklyn Luna being crowned queen at courtwarming 2020-2021.

Each year, Fair Grove High School has a courtwarming basketball game where a queen is crowned and then a dance takes place the following day. 

The month before courtwarming all of the princess and queen candidates make posters that are put up in the hallway for the students to see. On the night of the basketball game there will be a princess from each grade and 3 senior queen candidates. Then one of the three candidates will be crowned queen in front of the crowd during halftime. This year, The princesses are Cam Hart (9), Evyn Jones (10), Taylor Rode (11). The senior queen candidates are Macee McAtee, Zoey Hupman, and Audrey Williams. 

Each year the student council picks a different theme for the dance, but this year they changed it up a little. They decided to give the students different options and let them vote on which theme the dance will be. 

This benefited both the student body and the members of the student council. Student council member Hannah Bruner (10) explained, “As a student council member, it took a lot of stress off us. I think that this takes off a lot of the stress of trying to please the student body.”

This also pleased the student body, Samantha Saylor (10) stated, “I liked having the option to choose the theme this year. I feel like getting to choose the theme was a way to let the student body have a say in what their dances are like.”

The theme that was ultimately chosen was winter wonderland. Student Kristyn Muncy (11) recalled,“I chose winter wonderland because it seemed like the most fun option and it fit the season the best. I also thought the decorations would be fun and it would be easy to find dresses to fit the theme.”

Even though some things have changed about courtwarming, some things will stay the same. Muncy shared, “Courtwarming will still be held in the lobby as it has been in past years, and there will be a backdrop to take photos with.” 

Students are looking forward to having this dance after a year of not having any. Saylor remarked, “I am excited to finally get to have a formal dance considering the circumstances last year. We did not have a dance at all.”

The dance is not the only thing the students are excited for. Bruner stated, “I’m most excited to have a good time with my friends. Not only is the dance alone a great experience but doing things like dress shopping and getting ready together is always so much fun and makes for great memories.” 

Courtwarming has been pushed back to February. This year the courtwarming game is on February 11 and the dance is on February 12.

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