After School Weights Encouraging Fit Eagles at Fair Grove

January 25, 2022


Coach Voorhis explaining the work out plan for the members of after school weights.

After school weights, which takes place after school until 5 PM, is one of the best places to find a varying blend of students who’s focus is working out and staying in shape.

Weights is an inclusive environment that welcomes all students. While it is more so aimed at athletes whose sports are closed for the season, anyone is welcome to join. Students do not have to have an already existing workout routine to join. People completely new to lifting weights are allowed to come workout.

Football coach Bill Voorhis guides the students, giving a set amount of reps and exercises to do, but his instructions are optional. No one has a set limit or goal they have to reach, it’s all made up independently based on the skill of the individual. “The class is very open to beginners! There are 7th and 8th graders in there as well as high schoolers, so there is a high level of diversity between levels of advanced and beginner!” Brooklyn Mauldin (9) explained.

New members may join at any point; weights typically draws to a close around the start of spring break.

This health based group encourages students to join and work on their physical health. Weights takes place every day after school; students can pick out the best days for their own schedule without having to worry about missing other important clubs or meetings.

Many people use after school weights not only as a way to gain muscle, but to also gain friends. Because of the wide range of students, it’s easy to meet new people and start conversation. One way students do this is by finding their spotter. A spotter is needed for some exercise; they watch your form and will help you by taking the weight if it becomes too heavy for you to manage on your own. People in the club are encouraged to find spotters by approaching people who are taking a breather from their work out. This ensures that everyone is doing something and meeting new people.

After school weights was started for people to come together with a passion to lift weights and become fit. Through that common goal, you can see many different people types working together to form strength in themselves and in each other.

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