Concerts Make a Comeback Across the Country

March 8, 2022


A photo from the recent Reba McEntire concert, provided by Brooklyn Alsup (11).

For years the music industry has been profiting off of concerts, but after a nation-wide lockdown, many artists have had to stop their performances, until now.

During 2020, thousands of plans were canceled across the world due to the deadly Covid-19 virus. People had to cancel things like family gatherings, weddings and parties. On a larger scale businesses shut down, sporting events didn’t allow fans, movie production came to a halt and large public events, like concerts, stopped.

Now in 2022, since the Covid vaccine came out and restrictions are being lifted across the country, people are starting to feel comfortable going out again. Many music artists are starting tours and planning concerts all across the United States. Recently, Reba McEntire, a famous American singer, had a concert in Springfield, MO, at the JQH arena. Several students from Fair Grove attended the event. Brooklyn Alsup (11) went with her sister Arien Beasley (8). Alsup said, “I love being in the atmosphere with people who like the same music as me or even music in general.”

All sorts of artists have also started to host concerts. JoJo Siwa, a singer who targets her shows to the younger audience, had a concert in Springfield at the JQH arena on February 17th.

Popular concerts coming up in Missouri include Tyler the Creator, Olivia Rodrigo, Justin Bieber, and The Weekend. With artists as big as these many people are starting to feel like they really can get out and about now. Alsup shared, “I feel beyond happy about concerts staring back up because one I absolutely love concerts, it makes me feel safe knowing that other people feel safe getting out and around each other since Covid.”

Music festivals, which are day-long concerts held with tons of different artists, are also starting to make a big comeback. Samantha Armstrong (12) said that she is looking forward to a music festival coming up in May, “The Hangout Festival! There are going to be so many music artists there to see and I’m super excited!”

Even though concerts are starting again, some people do admit that the close proximity and large numbers of people is worrying. A student at Fair Grove admitted, “I  honestly feel pretty excited about concerts starting back up again, although it does make me a little nervous with so many people close together.”

Concerts are a great opportunity to see one’s favorite musicians and bands up close and personal; they are also a fantastic way to connect with other people who share the same music taste. Alsup said, “[Concerts are] like getting away from reality to feel like yourself.”

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