How do Advanced Classes Affect a Students School Experience?

February 24, 2022


Advanced sophomores, juniors, and seniors in Mrs. Dunning’s chemistry class.

Many schools offer students the opportunity to take advanced classes in middle school, Fair Grove is one of those schools. But, how does taking advanced classes affect the students? 

At Fair Grove students can take advanced math and science classes in eighth grade to get some of their high school classes out of the way. Students have different reasons for choosing to take those advanced classes. The question is, are they happy with the decisions they have made?

Isaac Walters (10) said, “I chose to take advanced classes in middle school because I wanted to be able to take as many high level classes as possible in high school. That way I would have to do less in college and have some experience.”

Taking advanced classes can be hard on students, Kaitlyn Mueller (11) explained, “The disadvantages are only being able to pick more difficult math classes when scheduling your junior and senior years.” 

Being in higher level classes can also affect students socially. Walters stated, “The only disadvantage of taking these advanced classes is that I do not have as many classes with my friends. Before it was very easy to talk to my friends about homework and we were able to help each other out on things we were confused about in class.”

Choosing to take advanced classes in high school isn’t all bad. Walters remarked, “It has helped me a ton, and has taught me a lot about dedication and time management.” Mueller added, “It has taught me how to better manage my time. Due to the classes being a little more difficult it does require taking time out of your day to study for things and to complete homework.” 

Evyn Jones (10) also agreed. Jones shared, “It has definitely allowed me to take harder classes earlier on, I feel much more motivated to do well in these harder classes.” It seems to be a common theme, that even though taking advanced classes could be difficult, it can benefit students in the future. 

Walters and Mueller agree that taking higher level classes in middle school can also be helpful by preparing them for what high school will be like, and taking advanced classes in high school can prepare them for college. 

In conclusion, taking advanced classes at a young age can be very beneficial, but it can also make high school more difficult. Whether or not taking advanced classes is worth it, depends on the person.

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