All Good Things Must Come To An End, But This is Just Their Beginning

May 10, 2022


Senior baccalaureate service at Peace Chapel on May 8th. (Photo taken by Jennifer Carroll).

The class of 2022’s high school career is coming to an end very soon and they’re all beginning to prepare for their lives after high school. 

The graduates of Fair Grove have all been thinking about what comes after high school. Tyler Padgett (12) shared, “I have thought about what’s next actually, I plan on attending otc for the next 2 years and eventually transferring to Missouri State and receiving my bachelors in information tech.”

Torii Dugan (12) explained, “I think about what’s next a lot, with Graduation and family asking me it’s hard not to be thinking about it. I like art, but I’m not sure what job field I’d like to work in so I’m planning to do general education first to find out what it is I want to do.”

Another senior, Jocelyn Roberts shared, “As of right now I am planning on going into real estate and business which I am very excited about.”

After 12 years of school the seniors have taken tons of classes and they have shared some of their best ones. Paige Robinson (12) shared, “The most fun class I took in high school would have to be Foods or Ceramics, but the class that has prepared me the most for college would be College English or Algebra.”

Catilyn Conrad (12) stated, “The best class I have taken in high school is definitely personal finance. I think this because it is one of few classes that really helps students financially prepare themselves for adulthood.” 

“The best class I took in high school was Digi Com my Junior Year. I loved getting to know the school and the students in the school. I learned things I didn’t even know before and I met new students,” added Mckenzie Chandler (12). 

Finally, Serenity Davis (12) said, “It’s a tie between Anatomy and College English. Both I feel like have done the best to prepare me for what I think college is going to be like, one provides more structure and one gives more of the freedom like I would have in college.”

After so many years of schooling the students have learned some surprising things about themselves. Conrad added, “I have surprised myself by starting out as someone who was very caught up in everything and did not really see myself past high school. And over the last two years I feel that I have really grown as a person and learned through experience about what kind of person I do and don’t want to be. I have been surprised about how I came to the realization that I am me and it is okay to be and think differently than others.” 

Chandler shared, “I realized that I am smarter than I thought I was. I tried my hardest and I proved to myself that I can do more than I thought I could. If you just put your mind to whatever you are striving for.”  

All the students have put in their hard work for the past 12 years and are ready for their future. They get to walk on May 13th, 2022 at 7 pm. After graduation all of the graduates get to participate in project graduation. 

Project Graduation is a program that the seniors’ parents plan all year. The parents and seniors fundraise all year at any sports events and school functions. After graduation all of the kids stay at the school and have a party until 4 am to try to prevent any regrettable decisions made after graduating. 

This year project grad is in the school and they are planning a lot of fun activities including: an electric bull, food, water fights, and so much more. 

All good things must come to an end, but these students are all ready to make their imprint on the world. Please Join them for their graduation on May 13th, 2022 on the football field at 7 pm. 

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