The Elementary Conquers the Field at Field Day

May 24, 2022


A group of elementary students and a few of their parents playing tug of war on 5/20. (Photo by Ayden Teaster)

Field Day is March 20, 2022. Field Day is for all the students in the elementary school. Field Day is organized by Mike Stockton, the elementary Physical Education Coach. 

Field Day had a 50 and 100-yard dash, broad and long jump, jump roping, hula hoops, potato sack race, and an obstacle course.

Coach Stockton wants the students to have a fun and memorable time at the event. Stockton said, “ The events are made up of a wide variety of different skills that we practice during the school year. I have added a few team events this year to change it up a bit. The team events are Capture the Flag, Tug of War, and Beach Volleyball.” 

Elementary students get excited this time of year in anticipation of Field Day, according to Coach Stockton. The elementary students love to get a day and get out of class and have some fun at the end of the year, and it gets the students excited for summer. 

Not only do the elementary students get out of class and have some fun. Some middle school students are also helping with Field Day. Keith Nolan (8) is a middle schooler helping Coach Stockton with Field Day. 

Nolan shared, “I get to enjoy what I have helped put together and make this event possible.” Nolan is very involved with the school and the community, he is involved with the student council, theater, and more. 

Parents can compete with or watch their kids while in an event. The parents can compete in the Three-Legged Race, Capture the Flag, and Beach Volleyball. 

There was a lot to do leading up to the event, Coach Stockton mentioned. This is Coach Stockton’s first year running and organizing Field Day. He would like the kids to have the best day of the year at this event. Coach Stockton added, “There is a  lot of preparation that has to happen before the event. I have been getting the needed equipment ready and trying to find helpers that can work the events.”

Coach Stockton would like to mention, “ I would like to thank all of those that will help and the landscaping crew for getting everything looking great before the big day gets here.” Coach Stockton has worked closely with Mike Countermen to get the field and equipment ready for Field Day. 

Coach Stockton’s first year with Field Day has all the components to be a success and a blast for every kid participating.

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