School’s Out for the Summer!

May 24, 2022


Entrance to Fair Grove High School (photo provided by Fair Grove Newspaper staff).

With the end of the year coming to a close, students are starting up their summer plans, whether that be classes, work, or time with friends.

At Fair Grove Schools, there are a variety of classes that you can take over the summer. Fair Grove offers Credit Recovery, Drivers Education, A+ Tutoring, Credit Enrichment, and Musical Theater Choreography. Credit Recovery is an in-person course and is for people that have failed a class during the school year that is required for graduation. Credit Enrichment is for students that wish to take more classes online through Launch.

Cooper Zumwalt (11) sheds a positive light on Launch, “I personally was super thankful to have Launch as a resource to me. By having the ability to take these classes during the Summer, it has allowed me to not only branch out and try some new classes that I wanted to take, but also provide me with the information in these courses in half the time. The ease, pace, and variety is something I enjoyed about Launch.”

With Launch, you have to fit an entire year or semester of information into a couple of weeks. Because of this, the workload can build up to be pretty hefty. Although it depends on the class and how you decide to manage your time. Zumwalt describes his time management, “My coursework on average only took me an hour and a half per day in which you can do it any time. This allowed me to work ahead if I knew I’d be busy on one day, while also not tying me up when I wanted to go out and do things. If you work through your calendar, make sure you stay on schedule, and devote a little bit of time each day, it isn’t a hard thing to do.”

On the other hand, there are a handful of students that don’t take online classes and instead use their summer time for other activities. Alex Kepes (11) likes to use her summertime to expand on her hobbies. “I love to take time to myself and create. Painting, bookbinding, paper making, crochet, all of the above,” she said.

Alyssa Snitker (10) also takes the approach of not doing summer school. She states, “My favorite summer activity is to go to all my different church camps. I usually go to about three or four each summer. So this is almost a whole month of summer I am away at these camps”

A majority of students will choose to use their summer as an opportunity to get some experience within the workforce. Alex Kepes explains, “I work at the Golden Groves Sunflower Festival in the summers, and I now also work at Monroe Coffee Company. They are an amazing opportunity for me to get some work experience and earn a few extra dollars.”

All in all, summer is a great time for students to branch out on passion projects, education, or their bank accounts. However you choose to spend your summer, make sure to do it with sunscreen and plenty of hydration!

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