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May 25, 2022


Graduating Class of 2022 throwing their caps in the air. (photo provided by Melissa Greene)

The graduating class of 2022 had multiple students eligible to be recognized for a Cum Laude (Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude). Each student awarded one worked very hard for these titles. 

Students who received the Cum Laude included Devin Carrol, Lucas Cruthcer, Lydia Engel, Andrew Faubion, Nolah Leick, and Paige Robinson. The students who received the Magna Cum Laude were Stephanie Dugan, Macee McAtee, and Devon Miller. Lastly, the students who received the Summa Cum Laude included Kyle Fritts, Abigail Gilmartin, Zoey Hupman, and Alivia Kimbriel.

To receive a Regular Cum Laude, you must have a 4.0 or higher, and be involved in 2 or more activities. In order to get a Magna Cum Laude, you must have  a 4.1 GPA or higher, and be involved in 2 or more activities. Earning a Summa Cum Laude is reached by obtaining a 4.15 GPA or higher, 2 or more activities.

Recipient of the Magna Cum Laude, Macee McAtee, touched on what motivated her to achieve this goal, “Throughout High School I was pushed by my competitive nature. My brother did really well in school, so of course I had to do better. I was always working hard to keep all A’s and somehow that letter was motivating. Being a Magna Cum Laude was such an honor and a ‘well done’. I had been working so hard for long that achieving this made me feel that I completed a goal that had been in the works for years.” 

Cum Laude, Paige Robinson shared what it reflected in her life, “I think it reflects really well on our character and academic abilities. Most of our teachers could recognize the work that we put into our academics, but parents don’t get to see that everyday so it just showed them how hard we truly worked to achieve it.”

Both looked back, and decided to share some advice to the underclassmen. McAtee stated, “My advice is to do your absolute best! To remember leaning on the Lord will take you so much further than you could ever imagine or do yourself. You can make it on your own, or you can thrive with the Lord.”

Robinson noted, “I would advise underclassmen to just breathe when it comes to schoolwork. There were so many times when I was so stressed and fighting for that 90% or higher that I would break down, but that doesn’t do you any good. Just take your time when it comes to homework and studying. Take helpful notes that are more fun to study than words. It also helped me a lot when I spaced out my harder classes over the years. I didn’t take everything at once, use that to your advantage!

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