The 2023 Seniors Take on Project Grad

October 28, 2022


Sarah Lewis talking about Project Grad. (Photo taken by Meadow Carter)

Project Grad is a way for seniors to get extra help financially in college, and host events for the seniors wrapping up their high school year. Fair Grove High School Seniors are getting creative about fundraising events early before graduation. 

Carissa Thompson (12), talked about the meaning of Project Grad, and why it’s important, “Project Graduation is a tradition in our community that recognizes the accomplishments of Seniors graduating from high school. The goal of this event is to provide an exciting, all-night celebration, lock-in style that is free of alcohol and drugs.” Outside of just supporting a safe but celebratory environment, this is also a last hurrah for the seniors, “Fair Grove High School Seniors will be able to celebrate with their fellow classmates in a truly safe environment on graduation night, May 12, 2023. The event is hosted and organized by the parents of the Senior class or anyone else who would like to help with the event.” Project graduation is set on creating an environment without drugs or alcohol, making the celebration fun and safe. 

As a way to raise money for this event, Thompson explained, “The purple toilet is a fundraiser called ‘Potty with a Purpose.’ A person can pay for the toilet to be placed in someone’s yard for $20. If they want proof of the dumping it’s an additional $5. Once it’s in that person’s yard, they have the opportunity to pay $20 to have it moved to someone else as well as pay an additional $50 for plumbing insurance (to ensure it doesn’t come back to their yard again). This is a fun way to get others involved with supporting Project Graduation.” Project grad knows that some people may not want to be a part of this so they have already come up with a plan for  that. “If someone doesn’t want to support Project Graduation, they can contact us and we will pick up the toilet within 48 hours. We currently have two toilets going around and there is a flier on the toilets explaining all this with payment information and a contact name and number,” added Thompson. This is a quick, and exciting way to raise money, along with creating anticipation for the graduation ahead. 

There are many more ways that the group raises money for the seniors, Landon Taylor (12) explained, “Project Grad is doing several things to raise money. A lot of it is Facebook raffles and some things that they come up with.” With the event coming up, the seniors have decided where this event will take place. Thompson described, “The event has been held several different places over the years, however, the Seniors voted to have it held at the school like it was last year.  The event will consist of inside activities like basketball and volleyball. A game trailer, paintball, laser tag, and a mechanical bull will be brought to the school for additional fun. There will of course be food and drinks. Seniors have an opportunity to win drawings of all sizes; gift cards, themed baskets, as well as large prizes like a laptop, air pods, or a TV.” 

Project Grad has already raised several thousand dollars for the 2023 event ahead according to the seniors listed. The upcoming fundraisers according to Thompson are, “In the Spring we will be hosting a Glow Run, a Car Show, and a Disc Golf tournament.” 

With the year new and fresh, project grad has plenty of opportunities to continue to raise money. Eventually, the year will wrap up and the 2023 seniors will have the event they’ve longingly anticipated and prepared for since the beginning of the year. 

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