A Win for the Winterbergs

January 19, 2023


Blake (left) and Kyle (right) Winterberg. (photo provided by Wendy Geitz)

The Winterberg brothers, Blake and Kyle, moved here from Glendale this year and are currently playing basketball at Fair Grove. 

Brothers Kyle Winterberg (10) and Blake (11) both play varsity basketball and have fit very well in Fair Grove. “The atmosphere and people at Fair Grove have helped to make the transition smooth and enjoyable. The education is better here, and I’ve gotten to meet a lot of really cool people,” Blake said. Kyle included, “I like Fair Grove better because I learn more, and I like the people better.”    

The Winterbergs feel that Fair Grove is a small town with a lot of school spirit, which is a good environment for newcomers. “The major differences would definitely be: the relationships with teachers, personalities of students, and not having school on Mondays,” said Blake.  

Both of the brothers have a big role on the varsity basketball team. Kyle commented on the season so far, “This year in basketball, I am enjoying playing with the team and bus rides with the team. I hope my team goes far this year. For myself, I want to succeed in being a good team player.”

 Blake continued, “This year I’ve really enjoyed getting to spend time with the team and getting to know all the players from freshmen to seniors. I’m hoping we can win districts and make it to state as a team.”

Playing with a family member could be challenging. However, here is what Kyle has to say about it, “Yes I like playing with my brother and a thing I really like is how hard he pushes me to be my best, and there isn’t anything I don’t like about playing with him.” 

Being the bigger brother and a big voice on the team, this is what Blake thinks about playing with his brother, “I love playing with my brother. Growing up together we were always playing with each other or competing against each other so now that we’ve both developed quite a bit, it’s a lot of fun to continue playing at higher levels together.”

Blake concluded, “It’s cool to have a connection with one of your teammates that can’t really be replicated with anyone else.”


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