NWEA at Fair Grove High School

January 19, 2023


Student Riley Frazier working on her chromebook in the library. (photo taken by Brooklyn Williams)

Fair Grove High School students in grades 5-10 take the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) test. The test provides the teachers with information to see where the students are academically. 

“In high school, the NWEA test is a multiple choice computer test that freshmen and sophomore English students take which takes about one full school day to complete. The test gives teachers feedback that tells us about where kids are thriving or struggling,” explained English teacher Joseph Florez. These areas the test covers include grammar and reading comprehension. He continued, “There is a ton of data that the test could give teachers.” 

The test helps the teachers and students see where they are at in the subject. It also tells what areas the student needs to work on or improve in, and what they excel in. Florez continued, “High school students take the test in the library. All freshmen, for example, will test in the library at the same time and spread out at all of the available tables. As they finish, we try to let those that complete the test go have a bit of a brain break in the gym or at the football field. After lunch they will take their math test in the afternoon. I believe they normally return to class during 6th hour.”

The students test in the library so they have fewer distractions around them and everyone gets the test done around the same time. 

Florez said, “I think there are pros and cons to the NWEA test. On the one hand, it’s hard to motivate kids to take a test that doesn’t give them a specific percentage score, but on the other hand, the tests in theory give data to teachers which can be used to tell us more about what students have learned or still need to learn.”

Taking the test takes an hour or two for each subject, depending on the student and how fast they answer the questions. 

Isabel Wells, a student at Fair Grove High School who takes the NWEA test, expressed, “The test for me as a student can be used as preparation for the EOC or finals. The unbeneficial part is the added extra stress, making less time for other tests.” The test may add extra stress for some students but it’s used as a tool to let students see where they are at and helps them improve on something that they may struggle with. 

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