The Eagles are High-Maintenance

January 26, 2023


The Fair Grove Elementary hallway. (Photo provided by The Fair Grove Newspaper Staff.)

Behind the scenes of Fair Grove High School, lies the pillars of our school’s wellbeing. Our new maintenance staff is here to contribute and improve the community overall. 

Mr. Bell, Fair Grove’s superintendent, talked about the impact and importance of our maintenance staff to the school. “Our maintenance staff plays an important role in keeping our schools running safe and efficiently. For example, they play a major role in keeping our HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems up and running district wide, which can have an impact on student learning in the classroom.” 

Mr. Bell continued to describe the challenging conditions our staff perseveres through to aid the community, “Over Christmas break, our maintenance crew spent several days and hours, keeping our pipes from freezing as well as keeping the heat on when units were going down. They were on top of the roof, in the dark, when the wind chill was -30 degrees below zero.  They worked both day and night to make this happen, which probably saved our school district several thousands of dollars in busted water pipes and repairs.”

The newest maintenance member of the community is Aaron Hughes, taking over the retirement of Rick Cantwell. Cantwell served the district for many years. The maintenance staff consists of Chris Robinson, who takes care of the middle school and high school, Mike Counterman controls the Outdoor facilities, and Tim Leeper runs the district grounds. 

With the new member adding onto the legacy of Fair Grove’s staff, it allows our school to be better, and allows the community to thrive and grow.” Mr. Bell concluded his summary of the maintenance staff of our school, “The maintenance men at Fair Grove schools wear many hats. They serve as the district’s Swiss Army knife. They can do just about anything dealing with maintenance or the upkeep and management of the district’s buildings and outdoor facilities. They are all an incredible asset in keeping our school facilities and grounds looking and running great.” 

The maintenance and staff of Fair Grove High School keep the building thriving and alive in times of need.

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