New Year, New Goals

January 27, 2023


A new years resolutions list. (Photo provided by Kristyn Muncy)

At the start of each year, people around the world make New Year’s resolutions. These are things that individuals want to accomplish, like setting new goals and being better in different areas.

“This year, I made a lot of goals for myself. I told myself that I wanted to do better academically. I also told myself that I would be more organized not only with my school, but with life too. I wrote down that I wanted to lead the cheer team better, and to make a bigger difference this year than in years past.” Carissa Thompson (12) explained. 

At the beginning of the year, writing down goals is the easy part. It’s sticking with them that can be the somewhat challenging part. “I think that New Year’s resolutions can be a good opportunity to challenge yourself to be a better person, or become the best version of yourself you want to be. I think keeping a planner and keeping a list somewhere that you can see and write in weekly or whenever can help you reach those goals a lot easier,” Thompson added. 

Lindy Sutherland (11) explained the goals she intended to work on this year, “Spend more time with family, and friends. I want to make a plan and figure out what I want to do with my life. I also want to make the varsity volleyball team and end the next season well.”

Sutherland then added how she will make these goals happen, “I think each year I make resolutions and they kind of slip my mind as the year goes on. I want to make these goals a priority and fully reach my goal well by the end of the year.” 

Principal Christian Overstreet commented on New Year’s resolutions as well, “While I don’t have any new years resolutions for myself or the school, I did send out a 14 day new years challenge for the month of January to all the teachers in the High School.” “It gives them challenges once a day that can help them do things that are challenging and push them out of their comfort zone,” he added

To give insight into how the teachers have used the 14-day New Year’s challenge, math teacher Susanne Feldman said, “I think January tends to be gloomy. The 14 day challenge has been good for me.” She explained further, “For example, one of the challenges was to help a peer solve a problem. I have been needing batteries for days and Mrs. Englis took that problem on herself and found me the batteries I needed. She really helped me solve the problem at hand.” 

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