The Voices of Fair Grove High

February 15, 2023


Audora Harmon teaching Fair Grove High School Choir. (Photo taken by Erica Feith)

Fair Grove High School’s choir gives students the opportunity to hone in on their musical talents and showcase them for friends and family during performances throughout the year. 

Choir teacher Audra Harmon said, “Any high school student can join the choir.” Although any of Fair Grove’s High School students are allowed to join, Mrs. Harmon revealed that 13 of the 17 choir students are freshmen. She explained, “There are no grade requirements to stay in choir, but there are grade requirements for attending trips or other activities.” 

Choir student, Hadie Wingo (11) said that in choir practice they start with singing warmups and then practice their choir songs. The choir learns songs and sings them at various events throughout the year. These events include the lighting of the mill at Christmas, singing for Fair Grove’s Veterans assembly, or going to a contest that happens in the spring.

Choir is a lot about the students singing, but it is also about working together as a team. When the students work together they seem to bond. Wingo said, “I have made some of my best best friends in choir.” 

The students of choir seem to love being in it. Wingo said, “I absolutely enjoy being in choir!” She also said that part of the reason she loves choir is because of Mrs. Harmon. Wingo explained, “Mrs. Harmon is an amazing teacher and makes it easy to have fun in her class. She’s also an awesome mentor!” Wingo continued and said, “I just love how much fun we have in the class, it is definitely one of my favorite hours of the day.”

Mrs. Harmon said that she has been involved in choir since elementary school, but was also involved in band since then too. She went to college to be a music teacher and said she didn’t know whether she wanted to do choir or band. She explained that she didn’t really know which one she wanted to teach until she started student teaching. She expressed, “While I loved playing in band, I didn’t really enjoy teaching it as much as I loved choir.” It seemed to work out in her favor because she said, “It is really fun to help the choir kids continue to grow.”

Just like Mrs. Harmon, a lot of the choir students have had some sort of love for choir for a long time. Wingo said, “I have always enjoyed singing and have been in Choir since fifth grade, third grade if you count Singing Eagles.”

Mrs. Harmon added, “I am really proud of the choir kids.” She said a lot of the choir kids are young, but they never let that stop them from succeeding.

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