History Bowl Takes Home the Trophy

February 8, 2023


History Bowl Team holding their 1st place trophy. Top Row: Brett Sartin, Aidyn Owings, Preston Hicks, Aiden Cooper, Christian Allen, Braden Booth, Charlie Harp, Jessica Dilday. Bottom Row: Nate Waggoner, Luc Deeds. (photo provided by Mrs. Wahlquist)

Michelle Wahlquist and the history bowl team went to Bolivar, Missouri for their History Bowl competition. 

Christian Allen (12) explained, “The History Bowl tests participants’ knowledge in various areas of History such as Ancient Greece, Japan, or even basketball history.” History Bowl is a series of questions that a team is asked to answer over multiple different categories. The team has six members that sit at a table and answer the questions against another team. 

Preparing for the History Bowl competitions look different for each person/school. Wahlquist shared, “The hosts release the topic lists earlier in the year, so I’m sure some schools practice on the topics. Many of the students I work with through scholar bowl are usually strong in these areas anyway, so we don’t really officially practice the topics. I give them the list and they may do some studying on their own.” 

Allen explained how he specifically helps himself gain knowledge for the History Bowl, “I spent a large part of my life watching videos about history and in recent years playing Scholar Bowl has made me learn even more to help fill holes in my knowledge, which still exist in droves but are becoming less and less by the day.” 

Mrs. Wahlquist took two teams to the Bolivar Competition, both teams did well in the tournament. The History Bowl team got moved up to compete against bigger schools because they kept beating the smaller schools in the tournaments. Out of the 130 points possible, the varsity team of Christian Allen (12), Braden Booth (12), Brett Sartin (12), Aiden Cooper (11), and Preston Hicks (9) placed first overall, missing only seven questions on the day. “They captured the large school title. Fair Grove’s A team won the small school title last year,” explained Wahlquist. 

Fair Grove entered a second team  of Nate Waggoner (11), Luc Deeds (12), Charlie Harp (11), Aidyn Owings (9) and Jessica Dilday (9) who finished 13th out of the 40 teams. 

The History Bowl brought home a first place trophy from this tournament and will continue working for upcoming competitions to hopefully gain another trophy. 

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