Impacting Fair Grove: Mr. Roepke

February 10, 2023


Randie Roepke teaching his 8th grade class (right: Kolton Klindworth). (photo taken by Brayde Smith)

Mr. Roepke is a teacher as well as a coach in the Fair Grove Middle School, teaching 7th-8th grade social studies.

Roepke was born and raised in Strafford up until his freshman year of high school, when he moved to Hollister School District. There, his father was the head football and baseball coach, which ignited his passion for sports. 

“Growing up, I was the youngest of three boys,” explained Roepke, “So a lot of my memories involve my brother. Either getting beat up by them or playing sports with them.”

As a kid, Roepke admired his teachers and coaches, and decided that he wanted to have the same impact on kids that they had on him. “I had a lot of great teachers/coaches,” said Roepke, “I realized that I could become the same type of influence if I became a teacher/coach. I also saw the positive impact my dad was able to have on so many kids that I knew it was what I wanted.”

After graduating high school at Hollister, Roepke attended Missouri State University, where he obtained a history degree so that he could fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher. 

Roepke was 23 when he landed his first job as a middle school social studies teacher at Sparta. He is now in his ninth year of teaching, and loves all the ups and downs. 

His success has not come without encouragement and support, however. Morgan Roepke, his wife, has been a big support to him throughout the years. 

Mrs. Roepke is also a teacher at Fair Grove, who shares a similar passion for teaching. “Teaching has always been a calling of mine because of amazing teachers that impacted me and helped to lead me down the right path when I was in junior high and high school,” explained Mrs. Roepke. 

She described Mr. Roepke as having a fun and easy going personality, “He never gets stressed or angry, which is something he has helped me so much with over the years.”

“Mr. Roepke is the most disciplined person in the entire world,” Mrs. Roepke said, “When he wants to do something, he works everyday for that thing.”

There are plenty of great things about teaching at a school like Fair Grove, but some of Mr. Roepke’s favorite things include the first day of school excitement, and kids who won’t speak a word to him for months then start to open up more.

“It’s all about connecting with kids and other teachers,” explained Mr. Roepke, “The best form of education happens when relationships are built and trust is earned from both student and teacher.”

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