P4L: Fair Grove’s Thoughts on Outer Banks 3

April 21, 2023


Title Screen of Netflix’s “Outer Banks.” (photo provided by Camille Boyer)

The newest season of Netflix’s “Outer Banks” came out recently, on February 23. Many students, as well as several teachers, at Fair Grove High School have their own opinions on the teen drama.

There was some debate on which season out of the three was the best so far. Desiree Labaw (10) added her opinion, “I liked season three the most out of them I would say. It felt like there was more going on and it was able to pull me in more.”

However, Kezia Price, high school and middle school art teacher, argued, “The third season was extremely cheesy from the start. It got a little better for a bit in the middle of it, but just went downhill from there. I did not think the acting was great.” 

Stephanie Brown, high school art teacher, added, “The first season was my very favorite, it was what sucked me in. The second season lost me a little bit, it was boring and I struggled to finish it.” She continued, “Third season, I will agree with Mrs. Price that there were corny parts, and it was hard to listen to some of it, but because it was more action packed, it reeled me back in.” Overall, the two teachers agreed that while the third season could not compare to the original season, it was a step up from Outer Banks 2.

There was also some argument over which characters were the favorite this season. Brown commented, “Normally, I like Sarah Cameron’s character but I did not like it as much this season. She made a really bad choice and I feel like it was such an irrational choice. Also, obviously, I’ve always loved John B.” 

Price had a very different take. “I disagree with Mrs. Brown. I do not like John B, I don’t know why. He’s not a great actor, sorry! Sarah was better than John B. I thought her acting was good,” she said. She realizes this is a controversial take with many fans of the show, and she defended her stance, “You have to remember that they are 16 or 17 years old. They’re not able to think as clearly, so I tried to get in that mindset when I was watching it.” She added, “Topper is precious, I like him a lot more than John B, but I know that’s a hot take.”

Labaw gave her opinion, “My favorite character would either be JJ or Cleo. I liked them because they showed dedication to the friend group and stuck up for everyone to make sure they were okay.” Brown and Price also agreed that JJ was a favorite this season, and that he would be someone they would want as a friend. 

Outer Banks has been renewed for a new fourth season, which is being filmed right now. Mrs. Brown said, even with the new season being a bit cheesy, she is looking forward to season four. “I am definitely going to be watching the new season because I think the acting may be a bit better. This old storyline was beaten to death, right? But now they’ve met this man who’s sent them on an adventure that may be a bit more mature.”

Finally, she agreed with Mrs. Price that with a whole new chapter of the story, the characters may start acting a bit more grown up, and it will be a bit easier for them to watch. “They hopefully won’t just be running away from their parents. They will have smart, educated decisions under their belts and will be a bit closer to adults. Maybe we won’t be so frustrated with the corny parts,” she explained.

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