The Hillbilly Speedway


Sydney Dame

Racing is more than just turning left and hoping for the best, it can bring communities and people together. In the small town of Fair Grove, Missouri, there is a new race track called the Hillbilly Bump n’ Run Speedway. This track is owned and operated by Franklin Hodges, with racers mainly from Fair Grove running in three different classes based on engine size. This includes is four cylinder, six cylinder, and eight cylinder, as well as a fourth class for 10 to 15 year old racers in four cylinder cars. 

This style of racing in referred to as “po-boy” racing, meaning these are older junker or enduro style cars that are meant to beat on each other. A roll cage is not required for the cars, but you are required to have the interior of the car stripped out, windows removed, a window net installed, and all doors either welded or chained shut. It is encouraged that the drivers beat on, hit, rub, or spin the other drivers which is normally not behavior that is tolerated at other race tracks. There are two more races left this season on October 12th, and on October 19th, starting at 6:00 P.M. Admission price is $10.00 for anyone 13 and older, and free for anyone 12 and younger.  The track is located at 392 E Old Mill Rd, Fair Grove, MO 65648.