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Editor: Brystol Bates
Editor: Kayla Hodges




Editor: Amanda Orr
Editor: Brystol Bates

Alex Brewer
Jacob Morelan
Lesley Wood
Ryan Odom
Hali Phifer
Taylee Flick
Harley Maxwell
Thomas Bruemmer
Blake Tettleton
Jacob Bethurem
Taylor Brumage
Jordan Van Nostrand
Preston Thompson
Makayla Hodges
Georgia Whalley
Lyndsey Wall
Ben Borchers


Alyssa Everett– Editor of Newpaper / Page Editor: News
Gabby Roberts– Page Editor: Feature
Britney Lawless – Page Editor: Opinion

Kaitlyn Spracklen – Reporter
Mikayla Yount – Reporter
Ashley Adamson – Photography Editor

Riley Gautieri – Page Editor: Middle School
Melinda Hoskins – Reporter
Macy Lumley – Social Media Manager

Emilie Armstrong– Editor of Newspaper / Columnist
Sadie Risner – Reporter/ Asst. Ad Sales
Leah Wahlquist – Copy Editor

Kyle Cavanaugh – Video Editor
Dylan Bates– Page Editor: Sports
Parker Van Nostrand – Reporter


Austin Newman – Editor of Newspaper / Page Editor: Sports
Alyssa Everett – Asst. News and Asst. Paper Editor

Team A

Katelyne Cloyd – Ad Sales / Team Captain
Preston Padgett – Co-Editor of Website / Social Media
Anthony Campanelli – Senior Spotlight
Kayla Bearden – Facebook Manager
Jordan Robertson – Page Editor: Middle School
Claire Foster – Page Editor: Feature

Team B

Emilie Armstrong – Columnist / Asst. Website / Team Captain
Kyle Cavanaugh – Asst. Sports / Asst. Senior Spotlight
Skylar Kensinger – Asst. Ad Sales
Haileigh Houston – Asst. Social Media
Jorden Stacey – Asst. Middle School
Britney Lawless – Asst. Feature

Team C

Nick Andrews – Co- Website Editor / Page Editor: News / Team Captain
Gabrielle Roberts – Elementary Editor / Asst. Copy Editor
Sydney Demaske – Copy Editor
Sara George – Asst. Elementary
Carolyn Hardin – Page Editor: Opinion
Jordyn Dowell – Reporter