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Fourth Graders Show their Stripes in Patriotic Music Program

March 1, 2018

Filed under Arts, Choir, Elementary

     Thursday, February 22 the Fair Grove Elementary 4th grade Music Program took place in the Upper Elementary Gym. First, the children were split into their separate classes, then they walked on to the stands. The program w...

Fair Grove High School Band and Choir Perform In Winter Concerts

Lyndsey Wall

December 19, 2017

Filed under Arts, Band, Choir, Showcase

The Fair Grove high school band and choir held their annual winter concerts in December. The choir performed December 8, while the band performed December 12. The high school choir performed in the lower elementary gym. The b...

“Don’t Drink the Water” A Success

Georgia Whalley

November 17, 2017

Filed under Arts, Theater

On Thursday, the 15th of November, the theatre department had their opening night for Don’t Drink the Water written by Woody Allen. “It is set in 1966 in an American Embassy in an unnamed country behind the iron curtain.” Stated...

Marching Into The Season

Marching Into The Season

October 10, 2017

Men’s MSU Choral Festival

Jacob Morelan

October 9, 2017

Filed under Arts, Choir, Feature

The Missouri State University Men’s Chorus was founded in 2014, which was and still is open to all men that wanted to sing difficult music in a variety of styles as well as genres. The festival is the brainchild of the men's ...

Flags Flying High

Flags Flying High

April 11, 2017